Tim Duncan

A Passion for Quartet Music

Tim Duncan's passion for quartet music began listening to the LP's his family played around the house. The Kingsmen Quartet and Gold City, who often played near his home in Mississippi, were among his favorite. The Cathedrals were too big to appear in his little town but later he was thrilled to see them at the National Quartet Convention.

About Tim Duncan

Tim enjoyed listening to Gold City's bass Tim Riley, loving the four-part harmony with the tenor soaring to the high notes, the bass hitting down low and the long endings.

At about 17 years of age he first discovered his passion for listening had turned into his singing. After church service one night while the members visited in the fellowship hall having refreshments someone said, "let’s go sing on the PA set that had been left on." The three voices sounded good but someone called out for someone to sing bass: Tim offered to do that for the first time and was surprised by the compliments and he was hooked for life. Once he realized this was for sure something he wanted to do, he found a phone book and started looking for the best singer in his neck of the woods that he could fine. He name was London Parris who had become famous while singing bass with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. He called every Parris name in the book and finally hit the jackpot by getting the bass singer London Parris. He asked Parris if he could take voice lessons from him. Right then and there Parris auditioned Tim on the phone and he passed the mark by singing Amazing Grace. He only lived 10 miles from his home and had a chance to get in enough lessons to get a job singing bass in a quartet. London and Tim spent time just leafing through the song books singing the songs they both recognized. London taught Tim to put feelings in the songs and often London cried as they sang those touching songs. London taught Tim everything he knew and emphasis smiling while he hit a low G.

Tim released his first Solo project in 2011 paying tribute to his own personal heroes such as J.D. Sumner, Tim Riley, London Parris, George Younce and Rusty Goodman. Tim and his family reside in Nashville, Tennessee. He and his wife Melissa have two sons, Breck and Brandon.

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