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Acclaimed husband/wife duo Aaron and Amanda Crabb return with Restore, their first new studio recording in three years and highly-anticipated follow-up to 2013’s Dove-nominated Difference Media debut, Mercy. Produced by Aaron Crabb, Restore showcases the couple’s signature harmonies and fresh country influences throughout a 13-song set reflecting their recent journey, from launching and pastoring Restoring Hope Church near Nashville, to the birth of their fourth child in 2015.

About Aaron & Amanda Crabb

Aaron and Amanda share that their primary influence and motivation behind the new music are God, family, and ministry. In a recent interview, Aaron explained: “God has been so good to us, and these songs are a testament to His faithfulness in our life.” You can hear this influence in the message of songs like Back Together, I’ve Seen What He Can Do and Restore Me, which offer transformative hope for the listener reminding them just how great God is.

 I’ve Seen What He Can Do, the debut single from the album rings true to Aaron’s heart; he goes on to share the inspiring message.

 The writing on this song pulls you into the story of a little girl asking her daddy the question, “what does God look like?” With me having little ones and understanding how important that prayer time before bed is to them and the questions that are asked in those God-given moments, this touches my heart in a very personal way. I've never seen God face-to-face, but I've seen Him in creation and in the face of my babies. I've seen Him bring me through many circumstances! I’ve seen Him move many mountains of impossibility and He is a God who holds all power in His hand and is worthy of our praise!

 Seeing God at work in their lives is especially evident in their song Kingdom Come, co-written by their oldest daughter Eva that features Eli, Eva and Ean singing. Amanda explains, “Family is very important, and some of these songs remind us that time flies, and we must cherish every moment with our kids.” Whether at home or church, Aaron and Amanda have Christ-centered in their hearts, “We have always been a ministry focused on deliverance, and I feel these songs display the call of God on our life to share the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

 Aaron and Amanda want their listeners to be reminded that “God is a God of restoration from Genesis to Revelation and the blood of Jesus is enough for whatever you're going through. Our heart is to uplift and encourage people to keep going. Don't give up and don't lose hope because God can always take broken things and put them back together.”


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