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A Higher Purpose

Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans, the legendary John Lennon lyric reads. But for Emmy® Award Winning Irish tenor Eamonn McCrystal a slight amendment is in order: Life is what happens when you surrender your plans to a higher purpose.

About Eamonn McCrystal

“Doors have opened for me that should’ve been walls, doors I never imagined for myself,” says McCrystal, 27, who recorded his first album at age 13 and has sung at the Vatican for Pope Benedict XVI; appeared alongside Kristin Chenoweth; worked for major British media outlets including the BBC; and performed on The Grand Ole Opry.

Promising to further endear audiences around the globe, Eamonn hosted and produced “The Music of Northern Ireland,” the Emmy® Award Winning TV special for PBS/ BBC featuring fellow Irish-born performers including: Brian Kennedy, Rachel Tucker and Keith & Kristyn Getty.

And now with his own on-demand television channel, The Eamonn McCrystal Network (EMN), the trajectory of McCrystal’s career shows no signs of slowing. But wherever his career path lands, it’s fine with him.

"I love that scripture, ‘I know the plans I have in mind for you...plans for peace, not disaster...’ That’s what gets me up in the morning, knowing it’s not all on my shoulders.”

 "A Living Prayer" released September 2014 is Eamonn McCrystal at his inspirational, Celtic best, a gift of quietude and reflection that marries the two constants in McCrystal’s life: his deeply rooted faith and his passion for music.

Produced by Casey Wood (Charlie Daniels, Bruce Brown) and McCrystal and featuring a 18-track blend of traditional hymns, contemporary ballads and Celtic favorites interspersed with six spoken-word reflections by renowned American pastor and best-selling author John Hagee, A Living Prayer stands as a testament to the power of music to soothe the soul.

Growing up literally within 100 yards of his parents’ nursing home business outside of Cookstown in Northern Ireland, McCrystal learned from his first audience—the elderly who lived there—the powerful impact of songs and prayer. “Many residents with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s didn’t recognize their loved ones but when you would start to sing a traditional song, their eyes would light up and they could remember all the lyrics … I’ll never forget how incredible it was to see them brought back to the present because of the power of music- even if only for a few moments.”

But it was McCrystal’s music teacher, the late Colette Dinsmore, who laid the foundation and lit the spark that ignited his passion for music. Under her tutelage, McCrystal learned to play the flute proficiently, to play piano and how to sing properly. “The songs and hymns on A Living Prayer are very special as it was Mrs. Dinsmore who introduced most of them to me.”

In each reflection and expression found on A Living Prayer, McCrystal’s crystalline tenor is captured in its most organic form, void of post-production enhancement. Rich. Prayerful. Timeless. “We really tried to capture in the studio the spirit behind the recording,” says the tenor. “We recorded with live musicians, didn’t pre-arrange anything, did very little post-production ... didn’t try to force it in any way. We wanted it to feel timeless, to feel prayerful, to leave those who hear it in more of a place of prayer in their lives.”

Surrender can be a powerful thing, he says of his approach to his music and his life. “Whenever I force something, it never works, but when I can let it go, it turns out so much better than I could’ve planned.”
McCrystal has worked with Grammy award-winning producers Kyle Lehning,  Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis), Guy Roche (Cher, Celine Dion), and Nigel Wright (Andrew Lloyd Webber/Simon Cowell).

He’s also collaborated with a broad array of esteemed artists, with some highlights including; touring with Kristin Chenoweth and recording the duet "Someone You Never Knew" with Randy Travis.

McCrystal has garnered national and international acclaim including multiple Emmy® Awards for both his performing and TV producing talents- demonstrated  in his TV special "The Music of Northern Ireland".

Eamonn has been a musical guest on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and performs regularly on the on the Grand Ole Opry.You can hear Eamonn perform on the soundtrack (and appear on screen) alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Ashley Judd and Patrick Wilson in the motion picture, Big Stone Gap late 2015 and in 2016- in the motion picture God's Not Dead 2.

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